16 Jan / 2021

Save Money With an Energy Monitor – Owl CM130 Energy Monitor

I receive monthly invoices for my electricity & gas bills.

Also I have always made it a practise to read the meters, and phone in the details to utility Warehouse my gas & electricity buyer. This ensures that my bills show an accurate record of usage, and reduces any surprises later on.I have been aware of the monthly cost for both gas & electricity over the last 12 months or so, and felt the need to do something about it.

I reviewed ‘WHICH’, for energy monitors’, & ‘electricity monitors’, to find out if they could work, and which were recommended.I found that a basic energy monitor like OWL MICRO CM 130 was a good thing to start with, and the price around £22- £25 seemed reasonable. If I spend this, I need to at least recover this cost over the first 6 months.

I did a search online, and found them around £24, but I then used my special online shopping search tool called ‘My Shopping Genie’.My Shopping Genie finds lowest prices, often better than Amazon & Google.
I located the cheapest price for £22.19 from a company called Energy Monitor World, and made my purchase.

I noted that as well as Owl Energy monitors they had a good selection of other makes such as Eco-Eye Energy meters, Efergy and Wattson Energy monitors.

I received my energy meter promptly following my order; thankfully, all batteries were supplied, so within a short while, I had it working.One thing you need to know is your cost per kw/hour for your electricity. This has to be entered into the monitor, to enable the cost to be calculated. You can find this on your last electricity bill.

I decided to test the amount of electricity used in my kitchen as I had 60w ceiling spotlight & six 50w mini spotlights!

I took several readings over short periods, comparing the kW usage, with the lights on or off. I then worked out the average difference.I found out that by replacing all spotlights, with LED lights my saving of electricity over 12 months would be £150, which amazed me. I costed up the purchase of replacement lamps which (using My Shopping genie), came £32. What a great saving and all thanks to a small energy monitor. https://www.energysavinggenie.co.uk/

I am now going to use it to monitor other appliances.

To celebrate, I decided to make a video, as to how the owl Micro C130 monitor works to help others see how simple it is.

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