15 Jul / 2021

Pressure Reducing Valve – How Does it Work? Pressure Reducing Valve – How Does it Work?

The water that enters in our house from municipal’s water source is in very high pressure. If we let this water comes in our house with such a high pressure, it could burst our pipeline and sometimes, even can cause heavy explosion. That’s why we must use Pressure Reducing Valve to regulate the pressure of water. van giảm áp

Pressure Reducing Valve, as the name suggests, controls the pressure of the water coming from municipal’s water source to our water pipe line. It maintains the pressure in such a way that is not harmful for our expensive equipments. It is being made with sturdy and durable material so that it can easily withstand with the high pressure force it is constantly under.

A spring actuated valve system, which is built inside the PRV, is used to manage the pressure inside the system. This spring actuated valve system is connected to diaphragm. The diaphragm function is to control the flow of liquid in the pipe line. It thoroughly maintains the preset pressure.

The water that comes from municipal’s water source pushes against the diaphragm and the spring’s work is to force the diaphragm back the other way. This process doesn’t let the water come out with as much pressure as it enters in pipe line.

You can also increase or decrease the water pressure as per you needs. To do so first you have to loosen the lock nut. After losing the nut, turn the screw clockwise in increment position to increase the water or if you want to decrease the pressure, simply turn the screw counterclockwise in increment position. Make sure to tighten the nut after reching your desired water pressure.

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