15 Jul / 2021

Purchasing a Greenhouse Temperature Monitoring System

Monitoring for temperature extremes, both high and low, in greenhouses is a requirement nearly every greenhouse operator struggles with. Each spring as greenhouses are started up again and there are still frost and freeze warnings each night countless greenhouse growers lose sleep tossing and turning worrying about their inventory. A temperature monitoring system for your greenhouse is always a good investment, if for nothing else just for the peace of mind. hệ thống giám sát nhiệt độ độ ẩm

There are different methods of receiving an alert that your greenhouse has gone into an alarm condition, smaller greenhouse owners or even hobbyist often simply want a “local” notification, I.e a chime which sounds when a temperature alarm is recognized. Industrial or commercial operators often want or even require phone or email notification alerts and some even require data logging for their own records.

For a basic local, wireless temperature monitoring system I would recommend the Temperature Alert Kit it is wireless and expandable, has an excellent wireless range and the chime receiver has what is called a “relay out” built in. These outputs are a standard in the alarm industry and would allow end users to do things such as activate external devices or even trigger an alarm dialer for voice call outs. The cons to this system are that it is very basic in that you only receive an alarm if the temperature goes high or low, there is no real time temperature monitoring and once the system goes into alarm if you miss the initial notification it will not alert you again.

At the other end of the scale Sensaphone has come out with their new Wireless Sensor Gateway (WSG-30) system. This system can monitor up to 30 different sensors (temperature, humidity etc. available) and the wireless sensors operate as a “mesh” network meaning each sensor is capable of receiving and repeating other wireless sensors signals. The system does data logging and alerts users via email or text message. In addition the system has its own web page which users can access remotely over the internet to view real time conditions as well as historical trends from the data logging feature. The only con to this system is the cost, most users would be looking at spending close to $2000.00 purchasing the system and the required sensors.

At the end of the day each greenhouse user will have to look at what requirements they feel their monitoring system should feature and purchase a suitable system based on that. They should however always take into consideration any future expansion they may want the system to do and ensure that is possible without purchasing a completely new system and starting over.

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